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February 24, 2011

Concrete Anchorage for Extreme Loading

by Hinman Team

ACI 318 Appendix D provides a design procedure… not well suited for atypical loads such as those resulting from an explosive event.  In fact, Appendix D explicitly states that high cyclic fatigue or impact loads, like blast, are outside of its scope… Our hope is to encourage a collaborative effort with manufacturers and academia to develop a suitable design protocol that may be incorporated into future editions of ACI 318

February 19, 2011

GreenBlast : Protect the Built & Natural Environments

by Hinman Team

Two of the biggest challenges facing the world today are Global Warming and Terrorism. Ironically, the more we deplete our natural resources, the more we will need to protect what we have left.  Is this inevitable? What small part can we, as blast consultants play in derailing this path?

February 07, 2011

Minimizing terrorist risk with the “power of people”

by Hinman Team

On a recent site visit, two Hinman engineers had a curious experience while taking measurements of windows in an occupied federal building.  Though the engineers were authorized by building maintenance and security to take photographs and measurements, most of the hundreds of employees in the building were not informed of their visitors that day.  Security later informed the Hinman engineers they had received call after call from concerned employees reporting the “suspicious” activity which was taking place outside the building.

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