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May 23, 2012

For a quick assessment of your building portfolio try BlastPRO!

by Hinman Team


BlastPRO is a qualitative approach to blast protection that provides the benefits of our years of expertise without the cost of an engineered blast solution.  Our evaluation focuses on the expected local and global building response to an explosive event and is based purely on our engineering experience and involves no calculations.  The results of our assessment are concisely summarized in terms of the degree of resilience and robustness provided by the existing facility or new building design against identified threats.  Additionally, we provide suggested improvements and indications of the extent of upgrade required.  This tool can be used for the following applications:

  1. Evaluation/comparison of existing buildings
  2. Portfolio review and building prioritization
  3. Evaluation of existing design (not yet constructed)
  4. Increasing robustness and resiliency of new building designs without explicitly engineering the building

This by no means replaces an engineered solution, which provides more definitive protection, but does give our clients some understanding of the key vulnerabilities and potential solutions, which empowers building owners to optimally invest in protection.

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