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July 22, 2015

Hinman Ranks #3 Best Firms To Work For

by & Isaac Kaijankoski

Hinman is so proud to announce that Zweig White has just named us as the 2015 #3 Structural Firm to Work For! Hinman strives to ensure that we complement our excellent client service and high quality and innovative work with a world-class working environment for our engineers and administrative staff. This award for 2015 attests to that and emphasizes how Hinman employees enjoy exceptional benefits and a workplace culture which balances high-quality work, work-life balance, and employee appreciation. Over the years, our approach to workplace culture and employee well-being has greatly enhanced our client satisfaction, unsurpassed quality of work, and our innovative approach to business. As an added bonus, our technical staff enjoy Hinman’s support of their research interests and the firm constantly seeks ways to apply their findings to our current projects and new business areas. As always, Hinman will continue to foster and promote this workplace culture such that our employees continue to be among the most satisfied in the AE industry!

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