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August 26, 2014

Ten Reasons Why Hinman is the Best Structural Firm to Work For

by Kim Gayo

Publisher Zweig White has recently named Hinman Consulting Engineers the 2014 #1 Structural Firm to Work For!  From my perspective as a six year employee at Hinman, they’re pointing out what I knew already.  Here are ten reasons why Hinman is indeed the best structural firm to work for.

1. We’re trusted by the best design teams in the world.

Hinman is the go-to protective design engineer for some of the largest and most prestigious design firms in the world.  Our experience is incredible, protecting some of the world’s most valuable and iconic structures – and our services are expanding.

2. Research is our passion.

Hinman has always focused on creating new technology to revolutionize our industry.  We allow engineers to apply for internal grants to pursue their own research ideas, and present the findings at local and international symposia.

3. Our benefits are second to none.

We provide great medical, dental, vision, chiropractic, 401k, and commuter benefits all at no cost to the employee.  Adding dependents to our plan is often cheaper than the insurance costs at a spouse’s job.

4. Work-life balance isn’t just a myth.

We reward our employees for their hard work by giving them time off to relax or adventure.  Currently, Hinman offers 11 paid holidays and 21 paid days off per year to every full time employee.

5. We love the city.

We are a city loving firm with special insights into the built environment.  Our downtown locations in San Francisco, Washington DC, and New York City are well served by public transit such that 95%+ of our employee walk, bike, or take transit to work each day.  Our locations also provide a great variety of food and drink when it’s time for lunch (or happy hour).

6. We want you to grow and succeed.

Hinman values employee growth and gives 16 hours paid time for professional development each year, two paid society memberships, and 100% reimbursement for licensure expenses.  When you want to take a course, attend a seminar, or present at a conference, Hinman typically picks up the tab.

7. Bonuses and profit sharing complement great salaries.

Hinman rewards success more than other firms.  Hinman gives back its profits to employees twice a year as bonuses and once a year as profit sharing distributions.  Salaries are competitive and get reevaluated each year.

8. Breakfast and snacks are on us.

Yep.  It’s a small gesture, but you won’t believe how nice it is to have cereal and milk for those mornings where you didn’t have time to eat breakfast.  It’s also nice for those afternoons when your stomach growls around four and there’s granola bars or crackers available to tide you over until dinner.

9. We work hard. We play hard.

Hinman throws an awesome end-of-the year party with a tradition of a hilarious award ceremony and game.  They treat us to food and drinks at monthly happy hours also.  Hinman is a great place to build friendships among your coworkers.

10. Everyone’s input is valued.

Since we’re a small company, it’s critical we have everyone on board when we get to business.  Our president regularly asks for new ideas from both technical and support staff at all levels.  At Hinman everyone has a chance for his or her voice to be heard.

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