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May 23, 2012

What’s Your Hazard Exposure

by Hinman Team & Brian Katz


At Hinman, we're taking a new approach to understanding the effect of blast loads for specific projects.  A building's exposure to hazardous air-blast loading effects can be directly tied to its geometry (i.e., shape and height) and site configuration.  Bomb size serves to provide a magnitude to the blast exposure, which then allows us to correlate to cost (link to cost-benefit blog).  Founded on this premise, our innovative Hazard Exposure Indicator tool expresses building-specific blast energy in terms of an indicator rating and assists with rapid determination of building exposure to extreme blast loading.    This is an extremely quick and powerful tool that enables high-level, upfront, strategic protective-design decisions as follows:

  1. Optimization of new building location and configuration within a given site
  2. One-to-one comparison of existing buildings and potential sites
  3. Comparison of lease spaces within a building(s)



The comparative analysis techniques provide a conceptual foundation to anticipate and minimize the extent of blast hardening likely to be required for specific properties/sites.  Furthermore, by directly correlating the exposure indicator rating to cost, this Hinman tool provides a baseline understanding of the potential cost implications of meeting protective design requirements.

As an example, the figures below illustrate evaluations of building configuration and site options for a new building – can you guess which is the best configuration?


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