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February 19, 2011

Design Innovations Needed for Disaster Protection

by Eve Hinman

A quarter of a century ago when I started in the field of protective design of civilian buildings, a series of simplifying assumptions were made to enable engineers to effectively respond to this new need. When infused with engineering judgment, the results of these analyses could be used to effectively reduce the vulnerability of high risk buildings without unreasonable cost or aesthetic impact.

Today, our understanding of the true threat that our infrastructure faces is considerably more sophisticated and not aligned well with the basic assumptions originally made. These threats include not only terrorist attack, but natural hazards and accidents as well.

February 19, 2011

GreenBlast : Protect the Built & Natural Environments

by Hinman Team

Two of the biggest challenges facing the world today are Global Warming and Terrorism. Ironically, the more we deplete our natural resources, the more we will need to protect what we have left.  Is this inevitable? What small part can we, as blast consultants play in derailing this path?

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