Blast Design 5-Star Hotel

When private investor, OPIC, contracted Hinman to review the physical security design of a new 5-star hotel, located in Baghdad, Iraq’s, city center, they made it clear that funding for the project hinged on its ability to meet industry standards and best practices for facilities in high-risk environments. But because of its focus on high-end clientele, security features had to be designed in ways that wouldn’t compromise the hotel’s grandeur.

An outside security consultant performed a security risk and blast vulnerability assessment to identify design threats and offer blast mitigation design strategies.

Hinman assessed the security consultant’s work to verify it addressed project-specific risks as well as the investor’s physical security requests. This assessment included project document reviews--on blast vulnerability results, architectural and structural drawings-- and commentary as well as qualitative design recommendations, particularly where it concerned identifying blast threats and effects.

During the design phase, the developer contracted Hinman to evaluate the building’s ability to mitigate blast effects. Using its original Security Design Review Report recommendations, Hinman tested design features through structural and facade air-blast analyses to ensure its future occupants would feel safe while enjoying the hotel’s stunning accommodation.