National Geospatial Agency AT/FP

When the National Geospatial Agency (NGA) presented Hinman with a project that included a multitude of threat scenarios, an ETFE covered atrium roof system, a large design team and the need for solutions that would protect critical mission equipment, the team knew they would be up to the challenge--but that it would, indeed, be a challenge.

The NGA required blast design services for nearly 2.4 million sq. ft. of operations space consisting of five main structures: the Main Building, the Central Utility Plant (CUP), the Technology Center (Tech Center) which houses the data center, the Visitor Control Center, and a remote delivery facility. 

Three of the major steel-framed facilities, ranging from one to eight stories, required AT/FP design. All of this needed to meet a construction budget of $1.4 billion dollars.  

Hinman worked with the client and design team to help mitigate potential building threats. They added screening facilities at the garage to mitigate lobby weapon threats which, in turn, negated the need for structural upgrade requirements.  And with the design team, they developed a functional a site layout that kept possible threats as far from the buildings as possible.

In addition to site security, Hinman performed facade and structural systems blast designs.  Facade blast design included hardening elements such as:  a curtain wall, ribbon windows, metal panels, pre-cast concrete panels, cast-in-place concrete wall systems, and the steel roof structure.  Their progressive collapse peer review ensured the NGA met UFC 4-023-01. 

Hinman’s support through all phases of the project, from concept through construction administration, helped the NGA build an economic, practical and safe structure for their people.

Design and construction: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Baltimore District contracted with RTKL and Kling Stubbins for design and Clark-Balfour Beatty for construction. Procured through an Integrated Design Bid Build (IDBB) contract.

RTKL and Kling Stubbins hired Hinman to provide physical security engineering consulting services for the design portion of the project.