• Eve Hinman, President & Founder

    Eve Hinman

  • Shalva Marjanishvili, Senior Managing Engineer & Technical Director

    Shalva Marjanishvili

  • Francois Fayad, Senior Managing Engineer & Managing Director

    Francois Fayad

  • Corrine Tan, Managing Engineer

    Corrine Tan

  • Brian Katz, Managing Engineer

    Brian Katz

  • Debra Schroeder, Associate Managing Engineer

    Debra Schroeder

Hinman’s commitment to protecting people, operations, and property is supported by a dedicated team of licensed practicing engineers and technical experts who specialize in protective design consulting. 

Our focus centers on our clients – providing the highest level of professional consulting service and delivering customized, innovative solutions backed with technical expertise. 

“Hinman understood our project needs, and is comprised of great engineers.  They were responsive and creative…” – Peter van der Meulen, ZGF Architects

Our management team’s diverse and highly talented individuals share the firm’s commitment and continually challenge themselves to push the boundaries of industry norms.

Eve Hinman, President & Founder

Eve Hinman

President & Founder

Eve Hinman pioneered the field of blast engineering. In 1983, she became one of the first structural engineers in the United States to take on this highly specialized design work, when the bombings of the U.S. embassy and Marine Barracks in Beirut brought to the attention of the Federal government the need for anti-terrorism solutions. Since then she has designed nuclear missile silos, NATO military facilities, industrial buildings subject to accidental explosions, and civilian buildings vulnerable to terrorist attack. In addition, she was listed as expert witness for the U.S. Department of Justice in the criminal prosecution of Timothy McVeigh. As a founding member, Eve Hinman helped Weidlinger Associates establish their anti-terrorist design specialty consulting practice. She subsequently went on to found Hinman in 1997.

Eve received her doctorate in Engineering Mechanics, and her MS and BS in Civil Engineering from Columbia University (with structural emphasis). She is a registered Professional Engineer in California and New York.

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Shalva Marjanishvili, Senior Managing Engineer & Technical Director

Shalva Marjanishvili

Senior Managing Engineer & Technical Director

Shalva Marjanishvili leads Hinman’s Advanced Structural Analysis practice, and is an expert in the dynamic non-linear response of structures to the effects of seismic, impact and explosive loadings. Marjanishvili uses a broad range of computational methods to develop computer models tailored for specific projects as well as modeling buildings using off-the-shelf programs such as SAP2000 Nonlinear. He uses these analytical methods to evaluate the detailed design requirements for both new and existing buildings and for progressive collapse analysis.

Marjanishvili has published 18 technical papers including “Progressive Analysis Procedure for Progressive Collapse”, in the ASCE Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities.

Shalva Marjanishvili received his BS and PhD in Structural Engineering from the Georgian Technical University, and an MS in Structural Engineering from Stanford University. He is a registered Structural Engineer in California

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Francois Fayad, Senior Managing Engineer & Managing Director

Francois Fayad

Senior Managing Engineer & Managing Director

With his childhood passions for taking intricate household items apart and putting them back together, teaming with friends to create complicated LEGO® structures, and building sand castles, it was no surprise that Francois Fayad would find himself with a career in engineering. It was his experience during a civil war in his birthplace, while witnessing the destruction of buildings and infrastructure from blasts, that led him to earn an MSSE degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Rome.

A member of the Senior Management Team, Francois heads Hinman’s New York office focusing on developing marketing and teaming strategies, developing new and nurturing existing client relations, in addition to managing projects.

Francois brings over 25 years of extensive experience with conventional structural design and protective anti-terrorist design. Since 2003, he has managed several PANYNJ security capital program projects including the New York Airports, George Washington and Bayonne bridges, The New York Bus Terminal, PATH Stations and the PATH System. He has shepherded many of these projects from the early stages through construction – coordinating various specialties such as risk assessment, blast vulnerability, hardening design and physical testing to deliver successful projects on time and on budget.

Francois has devoted his professional life to creating safer buildings against extreme events – natural or intentional. He enjoys being actively involved in organizations and interacting with other professionals both in the field of engineering and associated fields of architecture, environmental scientists and developers. 

Corrine Tan, Managing Engineer

Corrine Tan

Managing Engineer

Corrine Tan is a handy woman to have around. With 16 years of structural and seismic engineering experience, she really understands how to design, detail and build buildings.

Corrine joined Hinman in 2009 and has successfully applied her knowledge to the field of blast engineering. As a Managing Engineer with Hinman, she has led a number of projects including several for the Department of Defense, a Federal Courthouse refurbishment for the GSA and an AoC Courthouse in California.

Prior to working at Hinman, Corrine worked for an international design firm, Arup, where her portfolio included institutional projects-particularly schools, universities and hospitals.

Corrine holds a BS in Civil and Environment from UC Davis and an MS from UC Berkeley. She is a registered Structural Engineer in California.

Brian Katz, Managing Engineer

Brian Katz

Managing Engineer

Brian Katz's knack for problem solving led him to his career in structural engineering. He has developed a passion for the entire design process from a building concept through construction.

With eight years of structural engineering experience Brian has covered a wide range of new and retrofit design projects, vulnerability assessments, and risk management studies.  He has extensive experience in the analysis of structures and facades for extreme loading conditions and the development and implementation of cost-effective and constructable design solutions for complex structures.  His background is in the field of seismic engineering, in which he has collaborated on a variety of low to high-rise structures, utilizing a broad range of construction materials, in both domestic and international locations.  He has worked in a range of market sectors filling roles on the design team, as a client representative, and providing construction support. 

Brian's work at Hinman is strongly focused on the assessment of risk and resilience in support of client-led high-level decisions regarding protection design goals.

Brian received his BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering, and MS in Structural Engineering & Material Mechanics from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a registered Structural Engineer in California.

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Debra Schroeder, Associate Managing Engineer

Debra Schroeder

Associate Managing Engineer

Debra Schroeder is an Associate Managing Engineer with Hinman and has more than 12 years of structural engineering experience.  Based in our Alexandria office, she has extensive experience with large government facilities, as well as retrofit and renovation projects.  Her work has included seismic retrofits, both military and private hospitals, laboratories, and historic renovations. 

Debra received her both MS and BS in Architectural Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. She is a registered Structural Engineer in Virginia.