The Hinman Edge

As a world leader in integrated protective design, Hinman engineers design superior safety and security solutions for high-risk, highly complex building projects. Trusted by federal, state and regional agencies as well as private corporations for projects around the world, our protective design strategies mitigate risk from potentially catastrophic events for mission-critical facilities, vital infrastructure, and high-profile buildings— courthouses, embassies, federal buildings and intelligence facilities as well as commercial buildings, bridges, airports and power stations.

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Our Clients

A client base that spans the globe.

Hinman works with corporate and government leaders to identify, plan and protect against a comprehensive range of catastrophic risk factors. Whether the project is a single facility, a complex operation or a portfolio of properties, we help clients calculate what investment is required to adequately protect against known and unknown risk.

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Our Firm

A top-tier team with proven performance.

Hinman engineers, mathematicians, designers and strategists come together on common ground to produce solutions for some of the most complex challenges in the world. Each is highly qualified in their respective field and deeply committed to the serious work we produce for our Hinman clients.

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