[INFOGRAPHIC] Hinman At A Glance: Reflecting on 2019


2020 is in full swing and as the years’ planning winds down, we have had the opportunity to look back and spend some time reflecting on 2019. Looking ahead, this year is going to be an exciting one. We have a full schedule of conferences, speaking engagements, large scale projects, as well as plans for product and service development. We are extremely excited to build new relationships with industry experts, continue growing valued partnerships, and to push the boundaries of design. Check out our Hinman at a glance infographic below for more details about what insight reflecting on 2019 has provided us and what lies ahead for the year 2020.


As an engineering consultancy, Hinman offers a full spectrum of services including physical security, risk management and engineering design. We are a leader in the field of protective design and have earned a longstanding reputation for providing clients with highly customized solutions to balance their risk with cost goals. For more information on partnering with Hinman, contact marketing@hce.com.