Calexico West Border Station Expansion & Reconfiguration

Calexico West is a Land Port of Entry (LPOE) in the United States located on the southern edge of the city of Calexico, California, across the international border from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. The existing border station is adjacent to the New River, which flows into California from Mexico. Calexico West is a major United States land port of entry processing nearly 18,000 pedestrians and 17,000 private operated vehicles daily. The new port of entry includes a Northbound Port of Entry and a Southbound Inspection Facility. The Port is designed to flexibly accommodate increasing traffic volumes, improve safety, maximize Port security, and improve inspection efficiency. The Southbound Inspection Facility is designed to allow for a variety of inspection processes including: traffic monitoring and/or detailed car by car primary and secondary inspections depending on the threat level or mission. The estimated total area for the Pedestrian/Administration Building is 73,268 sf. and for the Auto Inspections/Head House Building is 31,930 sf. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), mainly the California Border Patrol (CBP), and several other federal agencies, including General Services Administration (GSA) will occupy the Calexico Border Station. Hinman Consulting Engineers provided guidance regarding facility air-blast protection from potential explosive threats.

Hinman Consulting Engineers provided guidance regarding facility air-blast protection from potential explosive threats.

Working with the Design team, we coordinated with the General Services Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Protective Services and project security contractors to develop security guidelines and recommendations for this design and reconstruction project.

The ISC, Security Design Criteria for New Federal Office Buildings and Major Modernization Projects specifically excludes Land Ports of Entry. However, there are other applicable criterion available, namely the Department of Homeland Security/Customs and Border Protection, Land Port of Entry Design Guide, the ISC, Amendment 1 For Land Ports of Entry, and the GSA Land Port of Entry Design Guide, but it is unclear which criterion govern. Hinman Consulting Engineers tailored the design with the government’s direction to the unique features and needs of the Calexico LPOE, developing security design recommendations that provide appropriate and customized protective guidelines.