LaGuardia Airport


LaGuardia is one of three airports in New York City’s Metro area and is one of the nation’s busiest airports. It's Governor Cuomo’s vision to transform LaGuardia into a world-class airport that will serve the needs of the 21st century. The addition of a new Central Terminal Building, with 35 gates, enables the airport to service to 17,500,000 passengers annually. Additionally, the new terminal will provide better transportation access with planned connections to a future air train. Moreover, this project will be completed as part of a public-private partnership (P3) between the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) and a developer-led joint venture between Skanska and Walsh Construction.

Overall, the development includes physical security design for the new building to mitigate consequences resulting from explosive, fire, and vehicle impact events.

Hinman developed the performance objectives for each section that comprises the new terminal following an extreme event.


Hinman is the leading threat mitigation strategist for the LaGuardia Central Terminal Building Replacement project. We have worked closely with other team members from early design phases to incorporate safety and security features. Integrating these fundamental parts of design and not compromising the elegance of the new terminal is of high importance.

Hinman developed performance goals for each section that makes up the new terminal following an extreme event. These objectives include maintaining operational capacity and structural resiliency. As a result of these goals, Hinman constructed risk models to prioritize strategies addressing damage scenarios. These models run scenarios that are most likely to occur and/or result in consequences exceeding acceptable limits. The performance goals influenced high-level decisions among the public-private partnership cooperatives to determine proper development and implementation of specific physical security solutions.

Furthermore, Hinman has functioned as a protective design subject matter expert, closely collaborating with the consultant team throughout design development phases to define threat-specific performance-based engineering requirements and complete technical reviews of design calculations, as needed.