U.S. Embassy – Nicosia

Hinman provided blast and physical security consulting for a Compound Security Upgrade at the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus.

This project encompassed a Security Upgrade of FEBR windows and doors to meet the current OBO blast standards for Chief-of-Mission (CMR) and the Chancery (EOB) buildings.

Hinman evaluated the blast performance and adjacent structural performance of existing exterior windows and doors.

Hinman evaluated the blast and adjacent structural performance and provided physical security consulting for the existing exterior windows and doors. The evaluation determined which parts of the existing designs can be retained and/or modified in order to meet blast requirements.

Hinman provided multi-discipline upgrade recommendations with concepts and costs, including latent impacts to other building systems.

OBO used these recommendations to determine the locations and extent of FEBR window upgrades for blast and basis of blast design for the new FEBR windows and doors.