Remembering 9/11



We pause to reflect and honor those that were lost at the hands of terrorists on September 11th 2001, and to the many brave heroes, that risked their lives as they ran to help without hesitation into the burning steel and toxic smoke. We remember the heroes on UA Flight 93, destined for San Francisco but on a path toward the Capitol building in DC. Passengers on that flight received word of the earlier attacks via their cellphones and the flight crashed in a field, in an apparent attempt to take back the plane from the hijackers.


Many more American heroes would act that day and the days and years to come. The fire-fighters, police and EMS workers who bravely responded to the scene and did whatever it takes to save lives. Many victims were saved by those brave women and men in uniform whose job it is to run into danger without thought or hesitation. And then let’s not forget the crazy ones, the ones that dusted off their old uniforms, suited up and drove for miles to reach the site to help. Those driven patriots, retired Marines, paramedics, rescue workers, and the many others who had once been enlisted by the ranks of service, those determined to serve and defend in the face of this act of war. And the victims turned heroes as they risked their lives and pulled each other out of the pile to safety and into a life-long bond of shared experience and gratitude. We continue to honor and put to rest those rescue workers and volunteers who worked at ground zero for weeks and months as the toxic fumes leached out into the city and into their hearts and lungs and whose numbers have now, 18 years later, exceeded those who perished that September day. 


Those heroes came to our cities to search for survivors, to put out the fire which seemed to burn on for an eternity and to morn with and support the victims and families. Their actions and selflessness inspired us and united us as a nation. On this day we reflect and mourn the loss of our loved ones, and we unite as a country in our grief and in our hope that these senseless acts of terror never again come to our cities, our families and our living rooms. And if and when they do, let’s remember to stand together, undivided to act with the same courage and fortitude that we witnessed on September 11th, 2001.


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