Kundan Goswami


Dr. Kundan Goswami is an Engineer in Hinman’s New York office. Prior to joining Hinman, Kundan was pursuing his doctoral degree at the University at Buffalo (UB) focusing on the development of computationally efficient methods for risk-based design of structures and protective systems.

At UB, Kundan’s research involved uncertainty quantification, risk assessment, nonlinear finite element (FE) simulation, and design of control systems. Using the Importance Sampling scheme and Hierarchical clustering technique, Kundan has developed an efficient numerical algorithm for the execution of optimization under uncertainty (OUU). Combining the OUU algorithm with nonlinear dynamic FE simulations, Kundan has proposed a novel risk-based design methodology for stochastic structures and protective systems subjected to extreme loads. The developed methodology has been successfully utilized for the performance-based design of passive and active control systems for civil and aerospace structures, respectively. Kundan’s research work at UB has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at several international conferences.

Kundan’s experience at Hinman includes public and private infrastructure projects. As an Engineer, Kundan is primarily responsible for the analysis of structures subjected to extreme events. With in-depth expertise in probabilistic modeling and high-fidelity simulations (i.e., FE and computational fluid dynamics simulations), Kundan’s work at Hinman focuses on blast hazard assessment, risk modeling of complex structures, and development of cost-effective strategies for blast risk mitigation. Kundan’s work also includes protective design for impact loads and progressive collapse. Additionally, with extensive experience in preparing the National Science Foundation project proposals, Kundan assists in the preparation of technical proposals for national and international projects.