Kyle Haas

Managing Engineer

Kyle Haas, S.E., is a Managing Engineer with Hinman and brings professional design engineering experience in a wide range of projects including new construction and retrofits of existing facilities. He has extensive experience in risk mitigation and design of protective systems in response to a wide range of extreme hazards, including explosive effects, impact, ballistics, seismicity, and soil/rock mass failures.

Kyle is a registered Structural Engineer in California with expertise in nonlinear dynamic analysis and probabilistic risk modeling. Kyle has extensive experience in the protective design of existing facilities, many of which requiring retrofit solutions that consider the ongoing functionality of the facility and preservation of existing historic and architectural characteristics.

Kyle has published several technical papers relating to disproportionate collapse analysis and system reliability and continues to actively participate in industry conferences through delivering technical presentations. His active areas of research include machine learning applications, system sensitivity/uncertainty quantification, and reliability-based assessment methods.