Reza Eslami

Senior Engineer

Dr. Mohammadreza (Reza) Eslami is trained in structural engineering and computational mechanics with multi-disciplinary interests including seismic, fire, tsunami and blast design of structures. Using experimental and numerical approaches, his overall background focuses on the design of novel structures that can withstand extreme conditions.

With the experience in post-disaster investigation of structural failures in 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, his experiences in structural engineering is inspired by the fact that our communities are vulnerable and continue to experience escalating threats by earthquake, tsunami, fire and blast.

Dr. Eslami became familiar with the concept of tsunami induced fires in the port cities of Tohoku and continued his research in fire laboratory at Michigan State University, focusing on the fire behavior of steel and composite structures. His experiences enabled him to contribute to number of blast projects in insurance industry and academia. He has also performed seismic design of a variety of mid-rise to high-rise projects, including office towers and factories according to U.S and international building codes.