Tips by the Hinman Experts on Working from Home


During our time in quarantine, you could say the experts at Hinman have mastered a new skill – working from home. So, we have compiled a list of all the hot tips we’ve learned during our time sheltering in place and working from home!

“Take advantage (and be grateful) of the opportunities specific to working from home that aren’t possible in an office setting – i.e. the ability to take short 5 minute workout/stretching breaks, playing music out loud and singing while working, cooking a fresh lunch rather than leftovers, light candles, etc.”

Sarah Vandevert, Project Engineer

Read on to see what the Hinman team has to say –



  1. Wake up and have some coffee or tea
  2. Although we are all working from home, maintaining the morning schedule like taking a shower, changing into a clean set of clothes, and eating breakfast can help you start your day right!


“I have set up my workspace at the dining table. I, now, automatically realize that when lights are on at the dining table, it’s work time. I don’t use this space for my meals anymore. I rather sit on the floor away from this space, to eat. This helps me in separating the work and home space.”

Neha Payyur, Project Engineer

  1. Set up a designated workspace – even if it’s just a corner of a room; this can help to keep a physical representation of your work-life balance.
  2. Try to isolate the work from living space as much as possible. If you do not have a dedicated room/office, try working in your living room. But be sure to breakdown your workstation every night and stow away your work to help feel physically separated from your work.
  3. Make sure you have a good desk setup for your laptop – ergonomic posture is important!
  4. Set the mood for your work environment. Whether its listening to music, having indirect lighting or fairy LIGHTS, setting the environment to a cozy temperature, turn on oil diffuser, whatever makes you happy and comfortable!


“Talk to my coworkers as much as possible (whether through email, messenger, texts, phone, or video) to maintain a social connection.”

Brian Katz, Senior Managing Engineer
  1. Chatting with coworkers via Microsoft Teams/phone calls help A LOT to feel connected. It keeps from feeling isolated.
  2. Ensure notification settings for Teams/Outlook on your phone and laptop are consistent, that way no communication is lost (during business hours).


“Try to stay active if you can, even if you’re stuck indoors. Johnson & Johnson has a free app that you can download called ‘7M Workout’ that has a bunch of 7-minute (and other short times) workouts that you can do from the comfort of your house. I’m pretty sure the only extra equipment you’d need is a chair, and it’s really intuitive and easy to use.”

Brad Smith, Project Engineer

  1. With our current situation, it is rather essential for us to engage in some sort of exercise to keep ourselves active and healthy. If you are able, try and obtain the necessary gear to workout at home. Try to make it a point to work out at least three times per week, if can make you feel productive and rejuvenated each day at work.
  2. Try to keep a regular time to eat meals. It’s really easy to snack since food is just around the corner and with gyms mostly still closed and outside being a risk, snacking is an easy way to gain unwanted weight.
  3. Stand up/move/walk around at least once every 30 minutes.
  4. Simply getting a good workout in after work!
  5. Try doing a fitness challenge of the week (drink a certain amount of water every day for a week, eat less sugar, drop ½ a lb., etc.).


“Remind yourself you are not working from home; you are at your home during a crisis trying to work.”

Ankit Agrawal, Project Engineer

  1. Make a point to watch or listen to something every day that makes you smile or laugh. 😊
  2. Find something that makes you laugh daily for 2 minutes. Laughing is a magical cure.
  3. Open your windows or doors for some fresh air.
  4. Be a little kinder to one another. [We can all strive to be] more friendly, patient, smiley, easy going and importantly, empathetic. Life slows-down a few steps and allows us to focus on what really matters most – family, friends, colleagues, mankind. These wonderful qualities ground us in our humanity – they bring us together.
  5. Set the goal to drink a gallon of water a day to flush out all toxins.
  6. Make playlists! Try one for your chill mood, one for when you need to get pumped up, one for reading (usually epic soundtracks work).
  7. Get some sun on the skin! (safely of course)
  8. Have a creative project to work on after work (something that really captures your attention) or take up a 30-day challenge.
  9. Learn a word of the day in another language!
  10. Walk the block at the start and finish of every day to mimic a commute to work and mentally “leave” home and “go” to work.
  11. Watch a motivational speech.

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