Strategic Analysis & Planning

Hinman helps clients understand and make better choices about extraordinary risks. We work with clients to make critical but balanced decisions using proven processes and cutting-edge proprietary decision-making tools that take the guesswork out of cost/benefit analyses. Our goal is to help clients make smarter decisions based on real numbers, thereby reducing implementation costs and offering better protection. By implementing our risk mitigation strategies in project management early, clients can proactively manage challenges throughout the entire life of the project.

Performance-Based Engineering

One of the challenges in managing large projects is ensuring that transitions made between each phase—planning/design, engineering, construction—run smoothly. No gaps between strategy and implementation. This prevents significant problems in the final product which in turn, effects final cost. As strategic plans are translated into specifications Hinman maintains clear standards and coordinates among each of the disciplines: architecture and design; structural, mechanical, and civil engineering; security, and ultimately, construction. Over the years, this time-honored process has been resulted in time and cost savings.

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Master Planning

Hinman helps leaders take an enterprise or portfolio approach to understanding and managing risk using qualitative, quantitative, and engineering or technically-driven approaches.

We focus our Master Planning work wherever a catastrophic event can most impact a business: across the entire venture, within complex operations, or on a single facility. We help identify and evaluate a comprehensive set of risks, examine interdependencies, help clients prioritize their risk management strategies and investments. We then help shape decisions and solutions, from planning to implementation through our protective design services.

Leaders have used the Hinman Master Planning approach to:

  • Create a strategic and comprehensive approach to risk
  • Understand high level costs
  • Make investment decisions
  • Finance projects and portfolios
  • Evaluate companies and facilities for acquisition
  • Conduct emergency planning
  • Make design and architectural decisions
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Risk Assessments

Making informed choices about risk starts first with understanding the range of possible threats and risks for a particular client.

Effective blast design is highly dependent on the ability of the engineer to understand and interpret project specific constraints to assess threat potential and risk. Hinman considers the many variables that define a project specific threat, and successfully advises owners/stakeholders on the difficult decisions that impact their design.

Hinman’s team of experts identify these risks, along with the potential strategic and design/engineering impact of both known or foreseeable threats, as well as unknown or unforeseeable threats.

We are also able to conduct vulnerability assessments, which quantify critical building systems and elements to determine a facility’s capacity to withstand extreme events.

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Financial Assessment & Decision Support

Not all risks can be fully avoided. The challenge lies in deciding which risks are the most important, how to protect against them, and how to invest in mitigation efforts.

Hinman’s expert financial assessment and decision support services include:

Cost-Benefit Studies: Using our proprietary Cost Benefit Indicator (CBI), we help clients make rapid building determinations about risk exposure and expected costs. CBI generates building-specific cost-benefit graphs that indicate the “sweet-spot”—the place where associated cost and protection level make the most sense. As a project progresses, CBI can be used to consider detailed design parameters.

Probable Maximum Loss (PML): We use our cost-benefit indicator tool and qualitative building assessment expertise to analyze potential losses such as cost, injury, and downtime. We coordinate these findings with site threat profiles to provide comprehensive studies that give clients the information they need to make informed decisions about their portfolios.

Build/Buy/Acquire Analysis: By rapidly modeling risks, mitigation opportunities and costs, we are able to help clients determine the best strategy for expansion.

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Peer Reviews and Value Engineering

Hinman’s senior staff, with their extensive structural design expertise, provides independent and objective technical reviews for a wide variety of engineering solutions.

Peer Review: Independent and objective technical reviews for complex conditions.

Value Engineering: Evaluating construction plans, recommendations and costs, leveraging our understanding of risk, protective design, work with building product manufacturers.

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Criteria Development

Hinman helps our wide range of clients develop anti-terrorism and risk management criteria for their operations.

Because we work with clients that range in size from governments to small private companies, we have a breadth of experience in working in multiple risk environments to develop customized guidelines and solutions to meet clients’ particular challenges.

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