Hinman was founded in 1997 by Eve Hinman with a clear vision: to deliver a comprehensive range of highest caliber protective design solutions customized to meet specific risk factors for catastrophic events.

Hinman has always maintained a small, dedicated team of highly qualified engineers and technical experts to provide a comprehensive range of protective services, from risk management to engineering design. Since its founding over 20 years ago, the Hinman team has established blast protection standards for clients large and small. We have built a portfolio of structural assessment and protective design solutions for critical infrastructure projects, diverse in both scope and requirements.

Hinman is the only small, certified woman-owned business (WOB) specializing in strategic advanced protective design. While most engineering firms employ an average of 15 % women, Hinman’s leadership is 40% female and over 20% of its engineers are women.

Our Portfolio

Looking toward the next 20 years, two things are certain: As the world faces expanding threats, evolutions and revolutions in materials, engineering solutions and approaches to risk, Hinman’s position of strength will guide clients into the future with confidence.